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Workers in Georgia Demand Safety Standards Amidst COVID-19 Fears

Workers in Georgia are Demanding Safety

There are a lot of stories on the news about healthcare workers who don’t have enough personal protective equipment. But there are all sorts of industries that are lacking PPE right now. Workers in Georgia are demanding safety from their employers, to ensure a safe working environment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 27, at about 4:30 am, more than 100 workers at the Greater Richmond Transit Company refused to come to work. These are the state’s bus drivers, train operators and other transit authority staff. They are tired of working for a company that won’t provide them with even the most basic safety measures while at work.

The Local Chapter 1220 of the International Amalgamated Transit Union stepped in and has made demands on the GRTC. They said their employees want additional safety measures including PPE, limits on the number of passengers and COVID-19 testing. They also want overtime for hazard pay.

The GRTC threatened to fire the workers at first. However, they have made plans to meet on May 19 to discuss the matter further. And, it isn’t only the transit workers who have demanded safety measures.

Employees at General Dynamics, a shipping facility in Georgia, have refused to do their electrical work if the company doesn’t offer them personal protective equipment. And, employees at poultry processing plants throughout the state have complained that they’re being forced to work less than 6 feet from their coworkers.

Employees all over the state are worried about their health. And, as more companies are allowed to open back up, these demands are going to be made more and more often.

If you work at a company that refuses to offer you PPE and other safety measures during the pandemic, contact our office immediately.


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