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Teenager in Critical Condition After Columbus Traffic Collision

head-on collision in Baldwin County

A teenager ended up in critical medical condition following a Columbus traffic collision. The accident involving a motorcycle and a car occurred on the evening of Sunday, December 27th.

The authorities have identified the victim as Clayton Sykes. His motorcycle t-boned into a vehicle on Whittlesey Road. The impact of the crash ejected him from the bike, and he landed about fifty feet from impact position. 

The victim who wore a helmet lost it and his boots. Clayton’s mom, Brandi Skyes, made a plea that anyone who has any information relevant on the crash should leave her a Facebook message or speak to the Columbus Police Department. 

The driver involved in the accident remained on the scene and waited until the police came. The investigators did not make any arrests, and they are not charging the driver for the crash at this time. The investigation into the Columbus traffic collision remains active. 

Accidents are relatively common on roads in Georgia. However, collisions involving a car and a motorcycle are less frequent. Motorcyclists on roads should be more careful because they face a greater risk of injuries if they crash into a vehicle. 

Always wear a helmet compliant with the United States Department of Transportation guidelines and other protective clothing while riding a bike. However, no matter the precautions you take, you may still get into an accident. 

If this happens, you may be able to get compensation from the at-fault driver. In such an instance, you should stay at the accident scene, render help to any injured victim, call 911, and wait for the first responders to have. 

Avoid accepting blame until you’ve spoken with a Georgia car accident lawyer. Contact one as soon as you leave the scene for legal advice, and if needed, representation. 


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