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Four-Vehicle Collision Near Grovetown Results in Minor Injuries

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A four-vehicle collision near Grovetown on Interstate 20 happened on Wednesday, January 27th, around 7:45 a.m., resulting in only minor injuries. 

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the collision  near mile marker 189 east of Chamblin Road involved three cars and a truck. The Columbia County dispatchers’ initial report was a vehicle fire along the interstate. Soon after, the dispatchers amended the call to a traffic accident. 

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Steve Morris said the occupants of the crashed cars only suffered minor injuries. He failed to disclose the names of those involved. Traffic monitoring systems showed that the collision near Grovetown affected eastbound traffic that morning. 

Cars were at a standstill between Appling-Harlem and Lewiston Roads. The lanes reopened around 9:10 a.m. The county police have not cited anyone for the accident at the time of this report.

Although most people believe that there are no legal consequences following a minor traffic collision, it is not the case. Every accident has an at-fault driver, or in the case of a multiple-vehicle crash, drivers. 

The investigators look at the events leading to the crash to determine if one driver or more caused the occurrence. Once they find the at-fault driver, they will pay compensation to the other victims if they decide to ask for a settlement. 

If the at-fault driver refuses to accept blame, the victims can institute a civil action for personal injury. If, after trial, the court finds in favor of the victims, the at-fault driver will pay damages.

However, in a situation where all the drivers involved in a multiple-vehicle crash played a role in the occurrence, there will be no need for compensation. In either case,  hire a Georgia car accident attorney


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