Multi-Vehicle Crash Caused by a Shooting in DeKalb County

crash caused by a shooting

Normally, when the police in DeKalb County get a call for a car accident, they don’t expect to run into a criminal investigation. But that’s exactly what happened in Georgia when police responded to a multi-vehicle crash caused by a shooting.

The officers received a call about an accident on Interstate-20. The call came in just after 10 pm on Sunday, October 26, 2020. The accident happened in the eastbound lanes of the highway. 

Initially, they were told that a car had stopped randomly in the middle lanes. When they got to the scene, they realized that there was a man inside the stalled vehicle. He had apparently been shot and was seriously injured. The cops arranged for an ambulance to take the gunshot victim to the hospital. The report did not mention if he had suffered any accident-related injuries. It also didn’t mention where he had been shot.

When the man’s car stopped abruptly in the middle of the highway, another car traveling behind him crashed into his car. The woman was not seriously injured in the crash. However, when she got out of her vehicle to inspect the scene, she was run over by a tractor-trailer. Sadly, by the time the police arrived at the scene, the young woman had passed away.

The report did not offer the names of either of the victims. The gunshot victim died shortly after arriving at the local hospital. There has been no suspect found in the shooting. The police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the shooter.

There was no information provided on the driver of the tractor-trailer at this time.

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