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Motor Vehicle Accident in Coweta County Kills a Father and an Eight-Year-Old Child

accident in Coweta County

On Thursday, March 11th, a father and his 8-year-old child lost their lives in a traffic accident in Coweta County. According to Lieutenant W. Mark Park of the Georgia State Patrol, they dispatched a trooper to the crash site after receiving a single-vehicle accident call. 

The crash happened near Senoia, and the initial report disclosed that a truck crashed into a wooded area. When the trooper arrived, they found a black F-150. The lieutenant said the vehicle was heading west on Ga. 16 near Tinsley Way when it left the roadway. 

The truck struck a large group of trees, killing the two occupants. The trooper found the driver, 35-year-old Travis Brown of Newnan, and his daughter, Emmalyna Brown, in the wrecked car. The GSP did not state in their report what might have caused the accident. 

From the preliminary inquiry, the investigators determined that the accident in Coweta County happened at about 10:30 p.m. The inquiry is still active to determine the cause of the crash. 

A single-vehicle accident occurs when a car strikes a tree, debris, or other stationary objects like a pole or fence. It also happens when a vehicle fails to negotiate a curve rightly and goes off the roadway. This accident type is also prevalent in adverse weather with little visibility. 

Unlike other motor vehicle crashes, a single-vehicle accident does not involve other drivers, hence the name. It also means that a surviving victim cannot bring any civil action to recover damages unless there’s evidence of third-party involvement. 

A third-party could be the manufacturer if a design defect caused the crash or a government agency if adverse road conditions contributed. However, to claim against either of the two, there must be negligence on the driver’s part. A Georgia auto accident lawyer can help you determine the extent of damages and get payment when necessary.


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